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Last updated 1 February 2018

Secondary school competitionResource useful for secondary schools

Primary school competitionResource useful for primary schools

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionComputer Science Education Resource Guide

SmartScholar logoSmartScholar's Computer Science Education Resource Guide provides a wealth of resources, including: general computer science resources, computer science study resources, learn to code resources, computer science podcasts, computer science blogs, major branches of computer science, major figures in computer science.

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionMicro:bit case study booklets

We asked three engineers to design a program for their micro:bit that would help them to carry out a task within their working environment or everyday life. The result is a case study booklet and video for each, highlighting the problem they were faced with; the micro:bit’s solution; a link to the real code on the micro:bit website; and a quiz to ensure your students have understood the code.

Download the booklets and bring the micro:bit to life in your classroom!

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionApps for Good

Apps for GoodApps for Good is a linked scheme with CREST Awards; students will submit for CREST Bronze automatically through their apps for good forms.

  • Open to UK primary and secondary schools, FE colleges
  • Flexible course framework that can be delivered to students 10-18 within curriculum time, as a club or within timetabled enrichment
  • Any level of teacher experience or subject knowledge
  • Free for non-fee paying UK schools.

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionTechfuture Girls

techfuture girlsTechFuture Girls (formerly CC4G) is the girls-only after-school club that has been exciting 9-14 year old girls about computing for 10 years. Thanks to HP and other supporters it’s now available FREE to all schools.

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionGo Beserk website design tutorials

Go Beserk have written a book which teaches both primary and secondary school children how to make their own websites, using HTML and CSS. As well as the book they have created an e-book version, an iPad app, Amelia Earhart’s Flight Code Challenge, and online code checker. Go Beserk were recently been chosen as the Talk Talk Digital Hero for Northern Ireland.

Secondary school competitionCS4FN – Computer Science for fun

Welcome to the fun side of computer science! Explore how computer science is also about people, solving puzzles, creativity, changing the future and, most of all, having fun. More…

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