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Last updated 1 February 2018

Secondary school competitionResource useful for secondary schools

Primary school competitionResource useful for primary schools

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionMaths resources for parents

Following feedback from parents/ carers, one recurring theme seems to be a fear of maths and supporting their child at home. So, Welsh Government have engaged with numeracy experts in Wales to produce a selection of maths resources aimed at 3 to 16 year olds to encourage parents/carers to engage with their children and support them with their maths homework.

Primary school competitionSecondary school competition2050 debating toolkit

2050 debating toolkit has now been launched by the DECC to support the 2050 simulation tool. It includes resources for activities and workshops – example lesson plans, curriculum links (including some interesting maths ideas linked to sustainability). For more details go to or contact

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionBrightonline

This website was created for schools to find maths resources online resources. More…

Primary school competitionJunior Tax Facts

Junior Tax FactsJunior Tax Facts explains to children, in very simple terms, what tax is and why it is needed – to provide the money to pay for the things that‎ are essential to them, their families, communities and society as a whole. The programme consists of a short animated video, available on YouTube, supported by a comprehensive teachers’ pack, with lesson plans and interactive exercises, available to view or download from the TES website. The video is also available on DVD – simply email and we will send out as many copies as are needed.

All the material, including DVDs, is available free of change.

Secondary school competitionTax Facts

Tax FactsHMRC has produced an award-winning tax education programme for secondary school pupils age 14 to 17. Tax Facts was named ‘Best Free Educational Product of the Year’ in the 2016 Education Resources Awards. There are four YouTube Tax Facts, and the supporting teachers’ pack is also on the TES website.

For more information or to request the video on DVD email

Secondary school competitionBowlands Maths

19 case studies with cross-curricular themes and all you need to run the activities which would be short term projects. More…

Secondary school competitionThe NRICH maths website

There are loads of activities for all age groups… plus a link to their Maths and Sport website

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