Uploading your STEM Ambassador activities

STEM Ambassadors logoActivities are logged on your personal account page on STEM Learning.

  • Go to your Account Page where you will see the tabs relating to your personal details; qualifications; activities and data.
  • Select Activities and you will see two items – Add Single School Activity or Multi School Activity.
  • Select either Single activity or Multi School activity NB – nearly all will be Single School where you are able to record the name of the school or schools attending. A Multi School activity is often a Roadshow or large event where schools cannot be identified or engaged with as discrete groups.
  • Record the title of the event
  • Describe the content of the event and outcome (experience/learning gained by pupils)
  • Select the correct Key Stage of the pupils (KS1 and 2 will be primary; KS3 to 5 will be secondary.)
  • Select the date of the event
  • Input an approximate number of pupils that will be attending (this can be edited later)
  • Don’t forget to set school name by clicking on the icon next to ‘set school’
  • Click ‘Add activity’ and a green font message will appear indicating that the activity has been successfully uploaded.

If in any doubt please contact us at We have the facility to add the activity or edit it for you, so don’t worry if you feel an error has been made.

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