STEM Club resources

Resources available online free of charge

  • Downloadable STEM Club activity sheet - right click here to download this exciting pdf. Activity details include: fossil rubbing / identification, squeeze rockets, raft building, spectrometers, an engineering hand, plasma ball light, tornadoes in bottles and stretchy snakes.
  • CREST Award Resources
  • CREST linked  Schemes and Activities
  • Practical Action For  innovative Science, Design and Technology  and Geography  resources that focus on a whole range of sustainable issues  including renewable energy and climate change look no further! The FREE resources which are all set within a global context include: lesson plans, activities, posters, challenges, images, videos and games. Ideal resources for STEM Club projects.
  • The Jaguar Cars Maths in Motion Challenge for Schools This is a linked CREST scheme that may appeal to the maths clubs
  • Planet Science Designed to stimulate the imagination about science and technology. Provides science resources for primary and secondary school students and their teachers.
  • Planet Science Activities Each of the topics areas Biology, Chemistry, Chaos, Magic tricks, Messy, Outdoors, Surprise, Technology, and Weather) have 10+ activities with activity sheets; use low cost, readily available resources.
  • Google Science Fair The Google Science Fair 2013 will launch on 30th January. 13 to 18-year-olds can enter their CREST projects online for a chance to win trips to America & CERN.
  • Hunkin's Experiments Cartoon experiments involving food, light, sound and a whole lot more! Good for one off activities using low cost, readily available resources.
  • Genes are us Provides a huge range of resources for teachers to help young people learn more about genetic disorders and how differences in our genes help to make everyone unique.
  • ARKive educational resources Explore and search for videos, photos and facts about endangered biodiversity and conservation issues. Check out our amazing teaching resources, lesson plans and classroom activities.
  • WWF Cymru Ideas ad activities on reducing our ecological footprint, to tackling climate change, to protect our stunning marine environment and to help preserve wildlife and their habitats globally.
  • Faulkes Telescope Project (FTP) Provide free access to robotic telescopes and a fully supported education programme to encourage teachers and students to engage in research-based science education.
  • Bowlands Maths 19 case studies with cross-curricular themes and all you need to run the activities which would be short term projects.
  • The NRICH maths There are loads of activities for all age groups… plus a link to their Maths and Sport website.

Information sheets about resources that can be loaned from See Science

See Science has a suite of resources that teachers in Wales can loan. All schools in Wales who request a STEM Ambassador can loan these resources from their local STEM Contract Holder See Science FREE of charge. Contact

The resources are ideal for running in STEM Clubs and for CREST Award projects.

To download the pdf information sheets, right-click on the link.

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