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Activities for teachers and students in:

Secondary school competitionSecondary schools.

Primary school competitionPrimary schools.

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionPrimary Science Teaching Trust Wales

PSTT logoSee Science is looking for an enthusiastic secondary school, together with its feeder primary schools, to embark on an exciting new project. This project will support the recording of Scientific Enquiry and the transition between primary and secondary schools in Wales.

A two-day CPD (cover provided) will be delivered to a cluster of primary schools with the secondary school. The tailor-made CPD focused upon how to improve pupils’ science skills, develop interactive learning and recording methods. These approaches will enable teachers to continue improving science after the end of the project. On day 2 of the CPD the teachers meet with STEM Ambassadors which will provide a real world link to the world of work. The teachers and the STEM Ambassadors will then develop a sequence of lessons which will improve pupils’ science skills and knowledge which they then apply in an investigation. This investigation will be carried out in the classroom with the teacher and the STEM Ambassador working together.

This provides an opportunity for the pupils to relate science to a real world context and the world of work. Once the investigations are completed, the teachers and their pupils’ presented their investigation at a final celebration event held at the secondary school. Emphasis will be placed on an increase in the standards achieved by pupils in science skills and a greater variety of recording methods used in science lessons. For more information contact

Primary school competitionMission X – primary school engagement

Mission XMission X has been developed by NASA and European Space Agency scientists and fitness professionals to use the excitement of space exploration to inspire students to learn about the science of nutrition and exercise, and to increase their activity levels. Schools in the UK are invited to take part in the Mission X challenge alongside schools from around the world.

ESERO-UK Space Ambassador Dr Ashley Green is seeking eight primary schools within easy reach of his home in Shrewsbury, in which to support teachers keen to involve their students in Mission X. Dr Green has been supporting staff in 16 English schools registered for the Tim Peake Primary Project. He’d also like to support schools in Mid Wales. Though born in Canada, he grew up in Cardiff and earned his PhD in solar engineering there.

(Dr Green is funded by ESERO-UK, so is available free-of-charge to the schools he supports.)

Interested teachers should email Dr Green:

Primary school competitionStep up for STEM: taking your first steps in primary computing

Barefoot Project logo.pngAs a teacher, you probably already know that computing was added to the national curriculum in 2014. However, research shows that many teachers of ages 5-11 are still not confident in teaching computing.

The Barefoot Project is designed to improve teacher confidence in computing, helping them take their first steps in embracing this vital STEM subject.

Barefoot challenges the misconception that computing is strictly limited to using and building the technology itself. By championing ‘computational thinking’ Barefoot helps teachers and pupils grasp concepts which underpin a wide range of subjects, such as Maths and Science.

Teachers will see huge improvements in their pupils’ STEM-based skills once these concepts are explored. While the free resources themselves are very helpful, being shown how to best implement them first is the best use of the Barefoot Computing Project.

To get the best out of Barefoot, book a free workshop here or contact 0800 028 0041

Secondary school competitionForensic Field Work

The Crunch logo.pngThe Crunch is looking for science teachers in state secondary schools to help with an exciting project.

The Crunch free kit.jpgWe’re evaluating a unique educational programme known as ‘The Crunch’, an initiative about the links between food, our health and the environment. As part of The Crunch your school should have received a free science kit. We’d like you to help by using these resources and teaching one lesson to your pupils (which we would like to come and observe). Once you’ve taught the lesson we’d like to contact you and get a sense of how well it was received by the students, how easy it was to communicate etc.

As a thank you for your time and efforts we will be donating £200 to your schools science department. If this is something you’d like to help us with or if you’d like further information about the details of the research please contact Felicity McInnes on 020 3743 2661 ext 307.

Secondary school competitionEngaging scientists or mathematicians in your classroom / assembly

SciEntsSciEnts – throughout the year or for British Science Week 10-19 March 2017. Years 7-12.

Good science and maths teachers know how difficult it can be to find a good quality in-school presentation. Sometimes the science is good, but the presentation lets it down. Or the presenter is engaging, but the science is a bit thin. And with so many providers available online, it’s impossible to tell who the genuine professionals are.

An in-school science or maths show supports busy teachers by offering amazing curriculum-linked shows for their students. The site features only experienced, engaging presenters offering professional levels of service. They are all willing to travel UK-wide and all come with enhanced disclosure and adequate public liability insurance. The SciEnts website allows teachers to quickly select from primary and secondary and also gives guidance for teachers about booking and making their STEM engagement day run well.

Secondary school competitionStemettes new documentary – Eat. Sleep. STEM. Repeat.

Stemettes logoStemettes are releasing a new documentary called Eat. Sleep. STEM. Repeat. They are inviting schools to host screenings for pupils. Click here to register.

Eat. Sleep. STEM. Repeat. is a revealing documentary about young female tech entrepreneurs and their journey against shocking industry statistics: STEM industries are crucially missing key demographic – only 14% of those working in the UK’s STEM industries are women.

Stemettes documentary logoThe documentary is set at the first-of-its kind Outbox Incubator – a Dragon’s Den meets Big Brother house. We hear from future innovators about tech, entrepreneurship and why the industry has to change. The film is a heart-warming exploration into what would happen to the world if more girls were to Eat. Sleep STEM. Repeat.

Stemettes would love your school to be an official host. They will provide the documentary for free.

  • Q: Will it be free? Yes – the documentary is free to show.
  • Q: How long is it? 30 minutes.
  • Q: How long will we need for a screening? Minimum of 45 minutes.
  • Q: Who is the documentary for? Eat. Sleep. STEM. Repeat. is for everyone.

Register here to give your school the chance to screen this exclusive documentary. If you need to convince your colleagues, here’s a handy pdf.

Primary school competitionFREE Principia Space Diaries & Resources: be like Tim Peake!

Principia logoThe Principia Space Diary is back. Once again thousands of school children have the chance to become space experts as they learn about British European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake’s historic space mission.

The Space Diary programme aims to empower children and engage them in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) learning by giving them the chance to create and personalise their very own book while they follow Tim’s mission.

All lesson plans are differentiated for P1-5 (KS1 and KS2) for teachers in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and extension activities provide extra challenges for those who need them. Download the first chapter of the Principia Space Diary here.

Teachers and home-school parents in the UK can pre-register from today in order to access the entire online programme for free when the materials are released on 30 January, 2017. Download the Principia Classroom Kit here.

Teachers also have the option to pre-order printed copies of the Space Diary to be delivered to their schools. Those who pre-order by 16 January 2017 will get £1 copies of the Space Diaries to ensure that all children have access to physical copies.

Primary school competitionNew STEM Teaching and Learning Resources for KS2

NWEAB logoThe North Wales Economic Ambition Board (NWEAB), with partner organisations, has commissioned the development of new and free KS2 classroom resources accompanied by a short film, to add value to national curriculum materials.

These classroom materials have been developed with local employers to inspire and engage KS2 pupils on the value and relevance of STEM skills for their future jobs and careers in North Wales.

Look out for your pack coming through the post. View the online resource pack here. Watch the regional film here.
For more information contact

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionInteractive astronomy day – Space Made Simple

Space Made SimpleSpace Made Simple is a new initiative from Science Made Simple, an award winning science communication company, is running 20 subsidised astronomy days, thanks to funding from the NSA (National Science Academy). The astronomy day comprises a 3D show in the morning to the whole school, or as many as can comfortably fit in your hall, followed by a 3D Space show to all Key stage 2 and finally a workshop all afternoon to one of your classes (max 36 year 5 class or year 6).

This whole day of shows and workshops is available to schools for just £150 + VAT and includes travel (normal price starts at £550 + VAT, exclusive of travel and accommodation.). Register online now or c ontact 02920 688 938 /

Secondary school competitionFree advanced biology workshops

Darwin Centre logoThe Darwin Centre for Biology and Medicine is offering an exciting opportunity to school pupils aged 16 and over to attend free workshops at its research laboratory in Milford Haven.

Classification; Practical work can include using microscopes to identify different marine species in the Milford Haven waterway, and/or marine sampling at Milford Marina.

Thanks to support from the Wellcome Trust, the Darwin Centre can pay for transport to the laboratory. The project runs until the end of April 2017 and also includes the chance to correspond with international scientists, conduct individual investigations and attend marine research days. Contact Dr Valerie Morse / 07790 568681.

Secondary school competitionSustainarail Challenge

Sustain RAil ChallengeSiemens are working on the signalling renewal from Port Talbot to Swansea and have a Rail Engineering Programme which will be of interest to 6th form students in the Neath Port Talbot Area.

The “Sustainarail Challenge” will allow students to gain Gold Crest Award in Engineering while also giving them an insight and experience in the following areas: railway signalling; project management; team work; presentation skills; research skills; report writing; sustainability; engineering.

Siemens may also offer students work experience during the summer holidays –an opportunity to gain further knowledge of Siemens as a company and make some valuable contacts. In previous challenges, mentors were provided to help steer the students towards their solution and the final presentation, offering assistance and railway knowledge along the way.

For more details contact Eilidh Bell: 07921 246713 /

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionNew CREST Wales resources

New CREST Wales resources have gone up online thanks to the funding from the Welsh Government through the National Science Academy. These resources are for teacher of KS3 pupils to run Discovery CREST Awards. If your school would like to be part of the pilot for the next set of CREST resources, please contact

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionAll SySTEMs Go Project

The All SySTEMs Go Project promotes Space Science in Schools, provide news about local opportunities in the Space Sector and produces lesson plans, curriculum resources, handouts and other materials available for free on its e-learning platform.

From now until March 2018 All SySTEMs Go will be visiting schools in North Wales to deliver enrichment activities and provide Key stage 2 and 3 students and teachers with opportunities to build robots, learn programming and explore the careers available in the Space Sector.

Sign-up to the newsletter for updates on new resources and events.

Primary school competitionBee Scene

Discover whether your local green space is good for bees or not by downloading the new resources here. This resource can help promote an understanding of the interdependence between bumblebees and wildflowers and support the development of observational skills and the use of keys.

Secondary school competitionPasquill workshops

This year, to celebrate its 350th Anniversary, timber products manufacturer Pasquill is offering FREE workshops for Product and Design Year 9/10 students. The workshops are an hour long and consist of:

  • A presentation about the company’s products and processes
  • A practical activity which asks the students (in teams) to design and build a truss bridge from a provided kit.
  • Information about the diverse range of career opportunities available within the industry and real-life case studies.

Pasquill have had very positive feedback about the workshop from teachers and will be running a workshop in or around Buckley (Flintshire) during this term. To register your interest, contact Lisa Greenhalgh on 01257 246803 or at

Secondary school competitionCentre for Alternative Technology (CAT) STEM Energy Activities and Resources for Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 (available in English and Welsh)

Updated CAT resources and activities are being trialled as FREE sessions with Welsh school and college pupils before the materials are officially made available online. CAT’s Energy workshops deliver a comprehensive grounding in the area of energy futures. The range of new activities and resources include:

  • ‘Energy Trumps’ workshop enables pupils to compare different energy sources but this time the lowest impact wins!
  • Carbon foot printing activity ‘How can we make a Difference’ with a complimentary online resource called the ‘Green house’
  • ‘Zero carbon Futures and ‘Where’s the Impact’ of mobile phones’

Details: and php/en/tuition.

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionPractical Action’s Water for the World Challenge

This challenge engages pupils aged 8-13 years in exploring access to water globally, and challenges them to make a water filter.

Find out more here.

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionThe Royal Microscopical Society Microscope Activity Kit

Everything that you need to deliver exciting activities linked to the National Curriculum. The scheme is completely FREE!

Many schools have microscopes, but with so many constraints on time and resources it can be a challenge to plan lessons that use them effectively. We have worked with teachers to develop ideas for lessons and activities, and we have collected the resources necessary so that you can deliver them with confidence. Everything is contained within the Activity Kit. Primary schools can borrow the Kit for up to a term free of charge, it contains eight microscopes, a digital camera, activity worksheets and samples.

All we ask for in return is that you let us know how you used them. To book a Kit fill in our online request form. If you have any other queries contact Kate Wooding / 01865 254761.

Secondary school competitionNational Space Academy Programmes for Students

Intensive curriculum-focused learning delivered at the National Space Centre, Harwell, or your own school. There is a limited amount of funding currently available if you would like a full day master class from the National Space Academy to be delivered at your school or at the National Space Centre. Contact for details.

Secondary school competitionPolicy Debate Pack

The British Science Association has created a downloadable Debate Pack, containing information on how to run debates of different styles and topic sheets for five policy issues that are currently of public concern:

  • Climate change
  • Human population growth
  • Disease: spread and pandemics
  • Food security
  • Antibiotic resistance

Download the pack here.

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionWater Explorer

Water Explorer is a fun, inspiring and educational programme for students from aged 8-14. Find out more and register here. These experiments are designed for mass participation using everyday items, with alternative suggestions for schools less able to source materials. Upload your results onto the global experiment website and get a certificate from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Secondary school competitionWater: a global experiment with hydrogels

Students can use an investigation into how water can be retrieved from a hydrogel to get a CREST Bronze Award and answer the question: 'Are we wasting water by using hydrogels?' All the data can be uploaded onto the global experiment website and everyone that uploads data will get a certificate from the Royal Society of Chemistry. Find out more here.

Secondary school competitionIOP exoplanets project

The Institute of Physics exoplanets project will have a soft link to Bronze CREST and is about to feature in the IOP’s online newsletter. So look out for more details coming soon. Any questions about link schemes, please get in touch with

Secondary school competitionMicroverse Project

The Microverse Project is completely free for secondary schools in the UK. The Natural History Museum’s latest citizen science project is now live and the Museum is inviting 250 schools and colleges across the UK to collaborate with them on this exciting research project. The Microverse project takes biological recording to a microscopic scale.

The Microverse project supports AQA, Edexcel and OCR A-Level Biology specifications by exploring topics such as taxonomy, genetics and diversity.

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionEducation for Sustainability – CAT

The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) has many years’ experience of designing and making activities with wind, water and solar power – and of delivering them to pupils of all ages. Examples are:

  • Planning an energy future for Britain – participants work in small groups to develop their own ideas of how we could run Britain without using fossil fuels and present their ideas using a variety of modelling materials displayed on a map. Pupils find this activity very engaging as well as developing their creative thinking.
  • Energy Trumps Cards – pupils compare impacts of energy sources and related technologies. The resource is geared to STEM in the curriculum in Wales for KS3 and KS4. The updated cards, fact files and the STEM activities will be freely available bilingually on the CAT website.

Secondary school competitionThe Institute of Physics & Engineering in Medicine (IPEM)

Did you know that studying Physics or Engineering can lead to a huge variety of careers in medicine?

The Institute of Physics & Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) have produced three careers videos on the range of rewarding physics and engineering careers available at all levels in healthcare. They use first-hand accounts to show some of the many different roles, including direct work with patients, those in backroom positions that help ensure the safety and effectiveness of treatments, and researchers and developers who are improving treatments and equipment. Watch them on Future Morph.

Secondary school competitionRoyal Institute Christmas Lectures online

The Christmas lectures have been recorded for television since 1966, and the RI now want to give these lectures a new lease of life online for a global audience. They have already started digitising this archive of footage but there are many more lectures still to go. To help them complete the project, you can vote for them to win the EMC Heritage Trust Project.

Primary school competitionInspiring the Future – programme extended to primary schools

A new national scheme has just been launched which aims to widen the horizons and aspirations of primary school children by helping them make the connections between their lessons and their futures.

Primary Futures has been developed by the school leaders’ union NAHT in partnership with our charity, the Education and Employer Taskforce. It is completely free to all state primary schools. It is part of the successful Inspiring the Future programme which already has 13,500 volunteers and 75% of state secondary schools registered. The 4,650 teachers who have signed up have collectively sent over 25,000 invites to Inspiring the Future volunteers.

Through the free service primary schools can access a vast network of volunteers from different backgrounds and professions - from apprentices to chief executives, archaeologists to zoologists - employees from small, medium sized or multi-national companies.

The scheme has been developed by NAHT’s past president Steve Iredale and seven other head teachers who have run pilots in 16 schools across the country. In his school, Athersley South Primary in Barnsley, Mr Iredale said: “One of our volunteers was a female paramedic. She was able to relate the children’s learning in literacy and numeracy to her job. The children could see a real link as she highlighted the importance of writing patient notes neatly to avoid the threat to someone’s safety caused by illegible case-notes.”

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionApps for Good

Apps for Good aims to build the next generation of problem solvers and digital makers. Their free course for 10-18 year olds ‘ticks the box’ of the new computing curriculum but does much more: it equips students to research, design and make digital products and take them to market.

Your school could join those already involved in Wales –

Primary school competitionXLWales launch the iCan project

iCan, funded by the National Science Academy, brings the excitement of iPads to your school. XLWales aims to support an approach to learning which takes advantage of digital technology to deliver exciting engaging STEM experiences.

The iCan project combines a selection of our hands-on science and design technology activities with an iPad to deliver fun, interactive, engaging and practical learning opportunities.

We come to you and all equipment is provided – including the iPads. Suitable from Year 1 through to Year 6 pupils. We can deliver the activity to two classes in a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

For more information please email or telephone 01792 324060.

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionGreenpower Education Trust

CREST are pleased to announce a new partnership with Greenpower Education Trust on their Formula 24 and Goblin Racing Challenges:

The Greenpower Education Trust’s objective is to advance education in sustainable engineering and technology to young people. It is now possible to use their events as the basis for a CREST award. You can find out more here…

Primary school competitionYummy Yoghurt Makers

Yummy Yoghurt Makers is a CREST start activity for primary pupils. Pupils find out how changing milk into yoghurt is a better way for farmers in Bangladesh to make money. They then make and test different yoghurts themselves. More…

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionPower for the World

Power for the World is an outreach activity delivered by Engineers without Borders. You can request a team of engineering students to deliver as a workshop as you school by emailing

Alternatively, you can download and use the resources on our website to deliver to the class yourself. Material include a PowerPoint, starter activity and all printed resources necessary to deliver an engaging 60-90 minute lesson

Pupils aged 7-14 find out about energy, differences in energy access around the world, and then go on to design and build their own wind turbine. More…

Primary school competitionMadlab

Madlab logoAre you a primary school in South Wales looking for a fun, interactive and informative way to bring science, engineering and electronics into the classroom?

MadLab is an interactive workshop aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils. It explores electronic engineering through a short talk and some great hands on activities. Students will love making their own flashing lights, buzzers or bagpipes and along the way they will have gained an understanding of the principles of making an electronic circuit, experienced constructing circuits and even done a spot of soldering. They then take their gadget home with them.

Thanks to Cardiff University, the workshop (usually priced at £625+VAT) is now available for just £75+VAT.

  • Event run at your school
  • 120-minute session includes one hour of soldering
  • Group size: up to 30 Key Stage 2 pupils
  • Must be a South Wales primary school (within 40 miles of Cardiff)
  • Cost: £75+VAT
  • Science Made Simple presenters, accompanied by two Physics and Engineering students from Cardiff University.

Dates are limited: to reserve a place, contact or 02920 876 884, or complete our web enquiry form. We will then contact you with a selection of dates, which are allocated on a first come first served basis. You can reserve a date before you clear it with your school as we do accept cancellations.

Primary school competitionWho Wants to be a Superhero?

Just what exactly do scientists and engineers do? How do planes fly? How can we see through the dust in space? How do engineers make playgrounds safer to play in? How are they saving the planet?

In this careers-driven show, KS2 pupils meet six real-life young scientists and engineers working in Wales. Each one has made a sixty-second video about their job and what they enjoy most about it. These are interspersed with discussion from a live presenter and interactive demonstrations involving volunteers from the audience. The show also covers gravity, forces, energy, light, space, the environment and materials.

The aim is to introduce pupils to the wide range of careers available in science and engineering, and to show them that scientists and engineers are people just like them!

This show is available for just £75+VAT thanks to funding from SWIEET (South Wales Institute of Engineers Educational Trust).

  • Event run at your school
  • Group size: as many KS2 pupils as wil fit in your venue
  • Must be a South Wales primary school
  • Cost: £75+VAT

Dates are limited: to reserve a place, contact or 02920 876 884, or complete our web enquiry form.

Secondary school competitionMathsApps

MathsApps is an interactive live show, produced in collaboration with the Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences. This show introduces students to several individuals who use maths in their jobs – from hairdressing to computer game design, from sports science to the Bloodhound SSC project.

The show is available at a subsidised price thanks to funding from the Welsh Government through the National Science Academy (NSA) and the Higher Educational Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW).

The 50 minute Maths Apps Roadshow is Wales-centric and focuses on 5 individuals working in Wales and the jobs they do. In filmed interviews they explain why Maths is important to their work. Between interviews the Science Made Simple Presenter reinforces the Maths messages in interactive demonstrations that use practical applications of Maths.

The message is that most people use Maths in their jobs, although they do not always think about it. We hope that the recipe of combining a little bit of Maths fun with some insights into how Maths is used in jobs will encourage students in their Mathematical studies.

The subsidised prices are £50 for 1 show in a school or £75 for 2/3 shows if they are all on same day. (This is about 10% of ‘normal’ price of £525 + VAT for 1 show). Please note that the Roadshows are at this time only available in English.

Dates are limited: to reserve a place, contact or 02920 876 884, or complete our web enquiry form.

Secondary school competitionMaking the Future Engineering Workshop

How do engineers find answers to the problems facing us? Dwindling fuel reserves? Overstretched transport network? Budget cuts? Climate change? What are some of the societal and ethical dilemmas that affect their work? How does it impact our lives? Find out why the UK desperately needs more engineers and how you could be a part of ‘making the future’.

This 60-minute workshop introduces Year 9 students to the challenges of engineering. Through a series of interactive exercises, science made simple will demonstrate the creativity and critical thinking skills needed for an often overlooked career choice. Students will also have the opportunity to meet a real-life engineer, who will give an insight into local industry and answer questions.

We are able to offer these FREE sessions thanks to funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering. Bookings are therefore limited and restricted to Cardiff and the surrounding area. For more information, or to book, please contact science made simple on

As this workshop is interdisciplinary, please pass on this email to heads of Engineering or PSE where appropriate. You may have up to three workshops in a day for no cost.

Secondary school competitionSkills Fusion

Skills Fusion is a VFX (visual effects) film careers outreach programme designed to highlight the skills shortage the UK film industry faces and career opportunities that rely on educational foundations in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), and computer science subjects.

The Next Gen Report highlighted there is a knowledge gap between the classroom and jobs, and that without a range of strategic interventions, the UK film industry will not be able to maintain its position in the global marketplace.

The Skills Fusion programme has been established to address this knowledge gap within schools, careers advisory networks and networks such as STEM Learning Ltd to raise awareness and inspire students to consider the VFX film industry as a potential career path. Through our specially commissioned careers map, attending conferences, working with schools, participating in career fairs, and cascading information through career advisor networks, we aim to inspire and spark that initial interest in students.

If you are interested in hearing more about the project, some literature to disseminate or rranging a talk, please contact us on and to be kept up to date on the project please join our facebook group.

Secondary school competitionSTEM professionals and industry events

Techniquest Glyndŵr has been building strong links with the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) and industry partners with the aim of bringing STEM professionals and industry closer to students. We are delighted to be able to offer the following package:

  • A visit to a STEM industry – coach travel would be 100% reimbursed by Techniquest Glyndŵr
  • An interactive Techniquest Glyndŵr workshop delivered free (this can be delivered at your school, at Techniquest Glyndŵr or during the industry visit)
  • A chance to interact with STEM professionals.

The target age group is 14-16 year olds, including year 9 students. To book or for further details please contact Zara on 07870 149956 or Liz on 01978 293397.

Secondary school competitionSTEM Club Challenges

The adapted STEM Challenge resource packs are now available to download, free of charge, for use in the classroom or as part of your extra-curricular STEM Club.

The original STEM Challenge resource packs have now been adapted so they can continue to remain relevant and useful to schools. Each STEM Challenge is designed to take 6-8 weeks and is an ideal activity to carry out in a STEM Club environment. The resources are also flexible enough to be used as part of normal school lessons. More…

Secondary school competitionGo Motorsport

To book a free Go Motorsport presentation for your school simply call 01372 414120 or email your contact details to: Everything will be organised for you.

We can provide you with an engaging – and free – presentation for your students that can cover: Engineering; Design; Careers; Sport; Science & Technology; Road safety; STEM Club.

Jenson Button, 2009 FIA Formula 1 World Champion, says: “It’s great that Go Motorsport is going into schools all around the country showing students of all ages what motor sport has to offer whether as a career or pastime. I was lucky that my father bought me a kart when I was eight years old but for others it’s not so easy to get started. That’s why I’m delighted to be supporting this initiative.”

Secondary school competitionHunt for the elusive Higgs Boson using their iPhone or Android device!  NEW

The App designed by physicists at the University of Oxford, Collider, allows users to search for the Higgs Boson particle using real data direct from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The App also includes games – and a successful identification of the Higgs can be shared to Facebook. More information can be found at

Secondary school competitionMaterials Live: Inspiration in Materials and Engineering

FREE curriculum tied activities in smart materials. Seminars, interactive workshops, exhibits. Flexible delivery at your venue, Skype an expert or visit our campus or state of the art innovation and knowledge centre. Suitable for Key Stages 2-4 and A Level.

  • Exotic materials – aerogel, ferrofluids,memory metal, smart materials
  • Advanced electron microscopy and spectroscopy
  • Aerospace, medical materials and renewable technologies
  • 3D modelling, microstructures, 3D printing, X-Ray micro CT BASF and more
  • Investigate material properties with a baseball pitching machine.

Careers information – partners include Rolls Royce, Airbus, ESA, Tata Steel. Contact Dr Ian Mabbett: or Dr Richard Johnston:

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionTogether we can conserve our bees!

The Conserve B project provides schools with an opportunity to involve students in an interactive scientific experiment on British bumblebees, collecting information on the species of bumblebee found and which flowers they prefer to forage on. From the 1,200 students who have already participated in this project, many young people described the project as, ‘Excellent, hands-on, exciting, and real science’.

The project can run as part of a STEM Club or during lessons, from February through to June or July. The project is aimed at years 5 and 6 in primary schools and from years 7 to 11 in secondary schools.  More…

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionRi Channel

The site launched last December and has now grown to feature over 250 videos, including filmed Ri events, archive (including past Christmas Lectures), original Ri Productions and the best content from across the web. More…

Secondary school competitionThink Maths – talks and workshops for schools

Think MAths logoThink Maths is run by a group of mathematics speakers who visit schools and run workshops and sessions for all ages and abilities. The team have been working together for several years, and consists of PhD students, former teachers and experienced maths communicators. The sessions are interactive, funny and cover mathematical content which will grab the attention of students and inspire them to get excited about maths. They aim to enthuse students of all abilities, while teaching them invaluable mathematical thinking skills.

Think Maths provide a range of sessions (up to an hour) for 30-100 students on topics ranging from topology, number theory, and probability to magic and maths in popular culture. New talks and workshops are always in development, and some of the speakers offer their own sessions, based on their personal specialisms.

For information regarding costs and availability go to

Secondary school

You don't have to be a genius to understand the work of the Nobel Laureates. These games and simulations, based on Nobel Prize-awarded achievements, will teach and inspire you while you're having FUN! More information at

Primary school competitionBug Club

Bug Club logoThe Bug Club is for youngsters (5-15 approx.) interested in insects and other minibeasts. Bug Clubbers receive a colourful and exciting magazine six times a year and a variety of other benefits. To find out more go to

Secondary school competitionSpacelink Learning Foundation

Spacelink logoThe Spacelink Learning Foundation is a UK Registered Charity dedicated to the use of space to improve education in secondary schools. The Spacelink Initiative will provide school teachers with the lessons and the space incentives to help them to motivate secondary school students to study STEM subjects. For more details go to

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionClassroom Resources from the Science Museum

The Science Museum provides a range of classroom resources that are free or sponsored. They can be used at school, at home or in after school clubs. For more details go to

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionTurnip Starfish workshops

We run specialist award winning education workshops and have created a strong reputation in creating inclusive, vibrant and motivating environments for young people to create imaginative and innovative work. We specialise in developing young people’s aspirations, producing workshops that engage the participants in creating their own films and artwork, helping them to develop team skills, patience, persistence and technical skills.

Turnip Starfish workshops are always run by an experienced and qualified teacher and industry animation or production specialist. We bring all the technology and materials needed for all our workshops and will supply industry specification technology for young people to use. For more detail go to

Secondary school competitionPractical Action Global CREST Challenges

Practical Action logoThe Practical Action’s Global CREST challenges are based on real problems faced in developing countries. They are divided into five themes – water, food, energy, shelter and transport. Our resources give students ideas for starting point for projects and to help them we link to technical briefs which are used by real engineers in the field. For more information go to and

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionIs water your topic this term?

Come to Cog Moors Environmental Education Centre for a water activity day and find out about the vital role water plays in our everyday lives All visits provided by Welsh Water Education are FREE OF CHARGE For further information, please contact Julia Brice on 02920 515621 or email More…

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionScience Made Simple

Science Made Simple, an award winning science communication company, is delighted to announce a tour week of heavily subsidised engineering show days in your area thanks to funding from the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology)

Secondary school competitionI’m a Scientist/Engineer Get me out of here

I’m a Scientist events are running from March as well as I’m an Engineer for the first time this March. Your chance to Ask, Chat and Vote! For more information go to

Primary school competitionSecondary school competition‘Survival’: a free quick-fire mobile game to raise awareness about the world’s most endangered animals

Immersive, interactive and educational, ‘Survival’ is a great way to encourage children’s curiosity for the natural world. At home, in the classroom or on-the-go, kids and adults alike will have a whale of a time as they race against the clock to tap, pinch, drag, scroll and swipe their way through a series of mini-games whilst learning about the world’s endangered species. Explore ‘Survival’ at

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionDark Sky Wales

Dark Sky Wales is a team of enthusiastic educators and astronomers. Our range of exciting workshops and strong industrial partnerships enforce one simple aim: to inspire young minds.

From building and launching their first rocket, to being surrounded by the stars and planets on a tour through space, our services will certainly get pupils (and teachers!) excited about astronomy and science. Our workshops are available to KS 1, 2 and 3, GCSE and A-Level.

Contact Dark Sky Wales at More information…

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionSmallpeice Trust STEM Days

Smallpeice logoIntroduce your students to the exciting world of engineering by booking an in-school Smallpeice Trust STEM Day for Years 6-11 – perfect for bringing science, technology, engineering and maths subjects to life. A Smallpeice educator will come to your school to hold a STEM Day workshop for up to 60 students. Depending on the course you’ve booked, the session will run for a full or half-day around normal school hours.

Pupils taking part can register for a Discovery CREST Award (FREE to Welsh students)

Most of the STEM Days are FREE thanks to sponsorship of our corporate partners.

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionFIRST LEGO League

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) challenges kids to think like scientists and engineers. During the TRASH TREKSM season, teams will choose and solve a real-world trash problem in the Project. They will also build, test, and program an autonomous robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technology to solve a set of missions in the Robot Game. Throughout their experience, teams will operate under FLL’s signature set of Core Values, celebrating discovery, teamwork, and Gracious Professionalism®. Registration now open.

Primary school competitionSecondary school competitionWoodland Trust

Woodland Trust logoThis is a good website with activities and competitions.

  • Suitable for children under 13.
  • Join the nature detectives CLUB – only £18 for a whole year of adventures
  • 350+ activities – get weekly wildlife challenges, a giant wall chart and stickers, plus activity packs in the post – perfect for inquisitive young explorers.


Secondary school competitionNuffield Research Placements

The Nuffield Foundation offers up to 1,000 funded places a year, so that year 12 students across the UK can get an insight into the world of scientific research and development, including areas of technology, engineering and maths.

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