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ABPI – Resources for Schools

The ABPI schools website offers a huge range of information tailored to engage different age groups. The information has been designed to keep the attention of the pupil by appealing to different learning styles, with a variety of activities, quizzes, reading and diagrams. This is a fantastic resource for teachers, trainers, students of all ages and anyone who has an interest in science or who works in a healthcare/science industry.

More than 40,000 teachers and students use this site every month. Teachers can use the high quality animations and diagrams to display full screen size on their interactive whiteboard, or even download for inclusion in their lesson plans.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

Active learning from Timezones: TIME & TIDES: THE SCIENCE OF CARDIFF BAY

01452 313763

Cardiff Bay (home of Dr Who and Torchwood) has developed from a working dock to a vibrant leisure and ecology area. Our own Victorian time-traveller can only get home by understanding the changes, and for that he’ll need genius scientists: your KS2 pupils! Volunteers take part in experiments and demonstrations, and use scientific method and enquiry to see how tides work, how the ecosystem of the bay is maintained, how predators and prey balance out, how the materials and construction of the buildings were made sustainable and actively protect the environment, and how the acoustics of the Wales Millennium Centre work. Teachers’ comment: ‘Brilliant, kept whole key stage enthralled and interested’ – Penywaun Primary.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

Anglesey Sea Zoo and Marine Resource Centre

Anglesey Sea Zoo is the ideal place for an educational visit, we are all very happy to discuss

the specific needs of your group and match our programs to meet those needs. The marine biological staff at the Anglesey Sea Zoo are also experienced educators, and are able to offer a rewarding, informative and above all, enjoyable experience for all ages and levels from nursery to university. We can provide everything you might need whilst here including simple worksheets to full guided tours, as well as beach safaris and interactive talks and lectures from some of our many marine biologists.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes

At-Bristol science centre

0845 345 3344

At-Bristol is an interactive science discovery centre. The two floors of hands-on exhibits and Planetarium are designed to link with curriculum areas, while providing a very different experience to the classroom. At-Bristol delivers educational workshops, science shows and events covering a diverse range of scientific themes, from how things move, planets and the solar system to biodiversity and DNA. At-Bristol is also host to the SLC South West which delivers high quality CPD in science. At-Bristol is a safe, creative, stimulating and engaging environment and an informal arena for learning to take place, accredited with a Learning Outside The Classroom Quality Badge. The exhibitions and programmes cover the range and content of the science national curriculum and provide an excellent context from which to teach ‘How science works’.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

Barefoot Project

0800 028 0041

Barefoot Project logo.pngAs a teacher, you probably already know that computing was added to the national curriculum in 2014. However, research shows that many teachers of ages 5-11 are still not confident in teaching computing.

The Barefoot Project is designed to improve teacher confidence in computing, helping them take their first steps in embracing this vital STEM subject.

Barefoot challenges the misconception that computing is strictly limited to using and building the technology itself. By championing ‘computational thinking’ Barefoot helps teachers and pupils grasp concepts which underpin a wide range of subjects, such as Maths and Science.

Teachers will see huge improvements in their pupils’ STEM-based skills once these concepts are explored. While the free resources themselves are very helpful, being shown how to best implement them first is the best use of the Barefoot Computing Project.

To get the best out of Barefoot, book a free workshop here or contact 0800 028 0041

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

Big Pit: National Coal Museum (Blaenafon, Torfaen)

01495 790 311

This is a chance for pupils to experience a taste of working underground. The tour starts with being 'kitted-up' (equipped) with a helmet and cap lamp and the collection of any 'contraband'. The 'tour' starts 90 metres below the surface; above ground your pupils can visit the 'Pit Head Baths' and exhibition. There is a resource room that is available to teachers containing reference books, original documents and maps, to gain access you have to book in advance.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes

The Bionic Ear Show

020 7164 2294

The Bionic Ear Show is a free interactive and educational show about the ears, promoting the importance of looking after your hearing and safe listening. The show demonstrates how sound travels through the ear to the brain, what happens in different parts of the hearing system, and how each part of the system can fail or ‘break down’ all in a fun, educational and imaginative way. It also helps people understand how individuals can lose their hearing and delivers important educational health messages on protecting their own hearing.

The show is tailored to suit different ages groups and professionals, from nursery children to university students, as well as charities and other organisations.

Brace’s Bread

Brace’s school visiting programme is available to all primary/junior schools in the West Wales and South Wales area. This FREE workshop, which has been designed to fit in with the national curriculum, is also used in conjunction with the current science project as ‘changes in materials’. The presentation is aimed at children 5yrs to10yrs and lasts approximately 45 minutes, including time for questions. It is a great opportunity for children to see how the bread they eat every day is made, how it gets into their home and how it forms part of a healthy diet.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: No.

Bright Sparks

Brightsparks4kids was created to help both teachers & children enjoy building ‘Simple Circuits’. The aim was to look at all the previous failings when teaching Electricity and improve on them. The task was to design a Classroom Kit that was fun to use, engaging for children and was strong & durable which would therefore last year after year.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: Yes

Bristol ChemLabS Primary Outreach

0117 331 7680

Bristol ChemLabS is the Centre of Excellence for Teaching & Learning (CETL) in Chemistry at the University of Bristol. The ChemLabS team can visit schools to deliver hands-on chemistry workshops and exciting demonstration assemblies in primary schools; with gifted & talented practical days and primary science lectures taking place at the School of Chemistry. The practical activities link to the curriculum, reinforcing measurement skills, fair testing, investigation & cooperation. The engaging and interactive talks & assemblies bring the excitement of science alive for all ages. These activities are part of an extensive Outreach programme to enthuse primary pupils and support teachers – see also ‘Chem@rt’ & ‘Primary Science Online Quiz’ directory entries. Teachers can sign up online to the Primary Science Network, to stay informed of events & activities.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: Yes

Centre for Alternative Technology (Machynlleth, Powys)

01654 705950

Built in an old slate quarry in the foothills of Snowdonia our visitor centre has 7 acres of interactive displays, organic gardens, cafe, shop and adventure playground. The organisation welcomes 50,000 visitors and school children every year, providing free information to over 200,000 people and offering postgraduate courses to 500 students each year. Some visit to enjoy a relaxing and entertaining day out, others come for educational reasons. If you wish to make use of our residential education facilities we have two Eco Cabins, each providing hostel-style accommodation for up to 18 people. A residential visit can include a range of specialist lectures, workshops and activities tailored to the needs of your group.

Dark Sky Wales

Dark Sky Wales is a team of enthusiastic educators and astronomers. Our range of exciting workshops and strong industrial partnerships enforce one simple aim: to inspire young minds. From building and launching their first rocket, to being surrounded by the stars and planets on a tour through space, our services will certainly get pupils (and teachers!) excited about astronomy and science. Our workshops are available to KS 1, 2 and 3, GCSE and A-Level.

Darwin Centre (Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire)

The Darwin Experience is based on a partnership between the Darwin Centre and Dragon LNG. In 3 year cycles every junior school has the opportunity for their year 6 pupils to attend science based field event with a follow up workshop.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

The Darwin Centre for Biology and Medicine

01437 753193

Marine Futures is a series of hands-on scientific experiments and workshops designed for the classroom. There are 4 workshops – using microscopes, building electric circuits, reconstructing oil spills and exploring the science behind climate change. Each workshop is available at a subsidised cost and lasts for 75 minutes. For availability and more information on this and other Darwin Centre projects contact Marten Lewis at the Darwin Centre, Pembrokeshire College.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: No.

Denbighshire 14-19 Partnership

The Denbighshire 14-19 Partnership aims to increase participation rates in education and learning after the age of 16. It has particular focus on Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) and other vulnerable groups in Denbighshire.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes

Diamond Dust – 8-Foot-Robot-Cat

01792 324404

Martin Thompson of Diamond Dust offers educational workshops with his 8-Foot-Robot-Cat, KA-Tash-Trophe, or KATT. The aim of KATT is to entertain, educate and inspire.

KATT weighs 220 Kg and looks like a sabre-toothed tiger. She is usually accompanied by Mascot the Robot Dog.

We can provide workshop sessions within schools for KS2 and KS3. Pupils learn about science, through interaction with the workings of the robots, play, activities and investigative learning.

Each lesson can include PowerPoint presentation and videos showing our robots in action. There are practical investigations, and hands-on activities with parts of the robots, activity booklets colouring sheets, word searches, design grid, storyboards and more.

Discussion topics include Isaacs Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, the future of robots and singularity.

Doctor Lewney - Rock Guitar in 11 Dimensions

07759 375680

Dr Mark Lewney, the Rock Doctor, winner of the first ever FameLab® competition and guitar physicist blows your ears with rock guitar and blows your mind by Superstring Theory. Mark delivers amazing physics, science and maths shows, talks and presentations for schools and colleges - all complementing the national curriculum for science at KS3, KS4, GCSE and A Level.

Do Different

Dr Ken Farquhar

01508 473 016

World juggling champion and soap bubble chemist Dr Ken is a science and maths performer. He has developed a variety of shows and workshops suitable for all key stages, parent, school and CPD training events. He is also an experienced circus performer, actor and science teacher. “Dr Ken differentiated to suit all ages. Totally motivational and exciting. Children of all ages engaged. Staff of all ages engaged!” Queen Victoria Primary School. The ‘Entertaining Science Circus’ Show – as seen on Teachers TV – explores the science behind the thrills and spills of the Big Top.

Why do jugglers love gravity? How does a unicyclist keep moving to stay still? Different skills and approaches link real world science with bizarre theatrical experiments. “Dr Ken covers complex science concepts at the same time as amusing, motivating and entertaining the students. He communicates with all ages with enormous ease.” LSU London.


07818 160044

We provide a chick-hatching experience to schools, nurseries, retirement and private homes, as well as within an office or working environment. The Eggsploring experience enables children and adults to experience the joyfulness of hatching chicks in front of your eyes. The hatching process is simple and uncomplicated, using the highest standard equipment and is easy to set up.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

Engineering Explained

Engineering Explained works with Science Made Simple to bring science shows to schools.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

The Faulkes Robotic Telescope Project

The Faulkes Telescope Project is the education arm of Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (LCOGTN). Their aim is to provide free access to robotic telescopes and a fully supported education programme to encourage teachers and students to engage in research-based science education. Access to our resources and those of our partners is provided at no charge to teachers and students.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: No.

First Campus

First Campus is a partnership between higher education institutions, further education colleges and schools in South-East Wales. They run exciting and challenging activities for pupils at Key Stages 2, 3 and 4. For teachers, schools and families.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes

First Hydro Company (Snowdonia)

01286 870166

First Hydro Company manages the power stations at Dinorwig and Ffestiniog in Snowdonia. It offers a visitor centre and tours. A teachers’ pack is available. For schools, teachers, adults and families.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes

Go Motorsport

North Wales, Howard Davies

01372 41420

The Go Motorsport campaign, set up by the governing body of UK motorsport the Motor Sports Association, offers free, engaging presentations to show pupils of all ages what motorsport can offer as a pastime or career. An interest in motorsport can open up a wide array of career opportunities in areas such as engineering, marketing, coaching, administration, nutrition, PR and sports science.

Go Motorsport brings the excitement of motorsport into school through engaging presentations from its team of regional officers. They are former or current drivers, fully trained and of course CRB-checked. The sessions can be tuned to suit a wide-range of audiences. For information or to book a free presentation contact your local representative (contact details above).

Hands on Science

Hands on Science workshops link directly to the Primary Science Curriculum. They are fun and memorable too.

Our hour-long KS1-KS3 workshops are hands on and designed to work with a class at a time. Each child can do her or his own investigations and fair testing.

Workshops are also available to rent as STEMBOXES – fully resourced and identical to the ones we use. STEMBOXES are a great class or science club resource, delivered to your door.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes

Internal Fire Museum of Power (Ceredigion)

01239 811212

Working museum covering the history of the internal combustion engine in period displays. We show the history of the generation of, and use of power!

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No.

Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is the official government body responsible for granting Intellectual Property (IP) rights including Patents, Trade Marks, and Designs in the United Kingdom. The office is an Executive Agency of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS).

IPO – Campaigns & Education Team

The campaigns & education team engages with teachers and educators throughout the UK to inform and educate about Intellectual property (IP) while encouraging young innovators and creators to raise their awareness of intellectual property rights (IPR).


0800 3345346

Are you looking for ideas on how to incorporate robotics, control and programming into your curriculum? This fun 90-minute workshop will allow pupils and teachers to get hands-on with LEGO MINDSTORMS for Education; the versatile robotics resource which has the flexibility to allow you to build anything from very basic robots all the way through to the most advanced AI. This session will allow you to build a rover robot and use the intuitive drag-and-drop software to take on the LEGO Challenge! It can be run during lesson time, or as part of an after-school activity, and is completely FREE! This is ideal for schools that are looking to embed robotics into their curriculum and would like to see it in action first. MINDSTORMS is used across the whole STEM curriculum, if you have a particular focus, please just ask and we would be happy to adapt the workshop.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

Mad Science

Mad Science offers a large selection of after-school, preschool, summer and vacation programs, workshops, special events and birthday parties. From entertaining educational programs to educational entertainment, Mad Science sparks imaginative learning.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

Magic Mathworks

Magic Mathworks is a travelling hands-on maths exhibition for schools, museums and discovery centres. This touring maths lab demonstrates and explores a multisensory approach to the learning of mathematics

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

Maths in a Suitcase / 0121 429 9327

Maths in a Suitcase and Science in a Suitcase are hands-on exhibitions providing experiments, investigations and activities for children of all ages, experience, background and ability.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

Mission X

Mission XMission X has been developed by NASA and European Space Agency scientists and fitness professionals to use the excitement of space exploration to inspire students to learn about the science of nutrition and exercise, and to increase their activity levels. Schools in the UK are invited to take part in the Mission X challenge alongside schools from around the world.

ESERO-UK Space Ambassador Dr Ashley Green is seeking eight primary schools within easy reach of his home in Shrewsbury, in which to support teachers keen to involve their students in Mission X. Dr Green has been supporting staff in 16 English schools registered for the Tim Peake Primary Project. He’d also like to support schools in Mid Wales. Though born in Canada, he grew up in Cardiff and earned his PhD in solar engineering there.

(Dr Green is funded by ESERO-UK, so is available free-of-charge to the schools he supports.)

hing carried out in these workshops.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

The National Botanical Garden of Wales (Llanarthne, Carmarthenshire)

01558 667150

The National Botanical Garden of Wales provides a series of workshops for Foundation pupils who join Tedwen on an adventure through meadows and woods to find the Secret Pond, through to the investigation of Mediterranean plant adaptions for A level students. There are also a number of teacher's Continuing Professional Development opportunities throughout the year. For more information or to speak to a teacher contact the Education Office.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes.

National Grid for Learning Cymru (NGfL)

National Grid for Learning Cymru (NGfL) is an on-line library of interactive resources for teachers and learners from Early Years to post-16. All have been produced by practising teachers.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes

National Slate Museum (Llanberis, Gwynedd)

01286 870630

The National Slate Museum, Llanberis offer school pupils and teachers a variety of education programmes, including professional development opportunities and video conferencing for those schools who are unable to visit Llanberis. For those pupils who are studying the Welsh Baccalaureate there is a visit that is particularly relevant to the Wales, Europe and the World component. Phone the Education Officer to discuss possible opportunities.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes.

National Waterfront Museum (Swansea)

01792 638950

The learning team at The National Waterfront Museum in Swansea is developing an expanding programme of talks, workshops and resources for self-led visits to address the content requirements of the Core and Option choices for all levels of study within the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification. The museum can be used to study a range of Elements and Key Issues relating to Wales, Europe and the World with particular relevance for the impact of economic and technical change.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes.

National Wool Museum (Dre-Fach Felindre, Carmarthenshire)

01559 370929

The museum, at Dre-fach has a number of cross curricular school programmes aimed from Foundation Level to Key Stage 2 pupils. One programme traces the fleece from being a mass of wool to the finished cloth, whilst another traces the Industrial Revolution and the changes it made to wool production in Wales. It is recommended that any school visit is booked in advance. Please contact the Education Officer on (01559)370929.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes.

Nature Days

01792 392919

Nature Days run field days for classes aged 3-18 on a range of areas such as scientific investigation, habitats, adaptation and animal and plant identification in the Gower countryside. All field trips come with resources to use in the field and a teacher's packs full of information to continue investigation back on the school's grounds or within the classroom. Nature Days provide CPD for teachers in undertaking field work and using school grounds for teaching science. These take place within the school's grounds or local sites.

Nature’s Work

07813 727414

Nature’s Work has over 16 years experience of providing excellent Learning Outside the Classroom opportunities in the UK and across Europe. Our aim and philosophy is to promote and support the use of the natural environment to further education and to engage students, instructors and the wider public to the value of our natural world.

With specialism in secondary education (KS3, KS4 and A level), using the environment as an outdoor classroom, we have extensive knowledge and experience of developing and teaching Ecology, Geography, Science, Maths and English curriculum focused field studies.

Welsh Presentation: No Welsh Resources: No

North Wales Branch of Butterfly Conservation

Local volunteers from Butterfly Conservation not only manage their own reserve, but they complement this work by visiting local primary schools talking about the area's butterflies and moths. Their visits are usually accompanied by a number of live specimens. Branch members can help in planting a garden to attract these wonderful insects, whilst their website offers free easy to use resources which would be a colourful addition to any classroom wall.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes.

Pete The Bug Man

Pete The Bug Man offers an amazing, close up animal encounter that will be the talk of your school. The show is a great introduction to the fascinating world of minibeasts (and not so “mini” beasts) and is full of unusual animals; giant stick insects, beetles, spiders, scorpions and much more… Many are held for the children to get the closest possible view, others are kept in containers so that they can be looked at with the assurance that they are safely behind glass. Pete has over 30 years experience of keeping and showing exotic animals. A visit from Pete is fun, educational and guaranteed to amuse and amaze. A session with Pete is a great way to support the Life Processes and Living Things area of the national curriculum at KS1, KS2, KS3 or KS4. Pete introduces many scientific concepts to a young audience or, for an older audience, help illustrate various ecological concepts. Pete is one of the favourite attractions at the annual Bristol Festival of Nature and has toured the UK twice with Deadly 60’s Steve Backshall and the CBBC’s 'Live ‘n’ Deadly' roadshow.

Pili Palas (Menai Bridge, Anglesey) 01248 712474

Pili Palas is always a very popular destination for a large number of schools, both local and further afield. As “life cycles” and “mini beasts” are on the national curriculum, a visit is relevant in supporting your classroom teaching. The visit provides half hour educational talks, with an entertaining video about the life cycle of the butterfly in the education room followed by a tour of the centre with our qualified staff.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes.

Pinhole photography

0117 951 8712

Pinhole photography workshops for primary and secondary schools. The course includes Powerpoint presentations covering the history, science and contemporary approaches to pinhole photography as well as making and using several types of pinhole camera constructed out of recycled containers using both colour and black and white photographic materials. Darkrooms can also be constructed in advance and every workshop includes the installation of a 6 month duration pinhole camera overlooking your school. With extra time simple but effective camera obscuras can also be installed within your school. Over 19 years' experience at teaching pinhole photography from primary schools to postgraduate level.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

Risca Industrial History Museum

The Museum displays its collection of artefacts, memorabilia and photographs illustrating some of the industrial history of the area: coal mining, the iron industry, tram roads and railways.

RSPB Newport Wetlands

01633 636354

You can visit the RSPB Newport Wetlands all year round, any time during the week. Full day visits start around 10 and last around 4 hours, including a break for lunch. We can organise half-day sessions which will last around 2 hours. Teachers are welcome to visit at any time of year to see where your group will be working, carry out your own risk assessment and finalise your programme.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes.

RSPB Ynys-hir

01654 700222

The RSPB Ynys-hir nature reserve – on the edge of the Dyfi estuary - has a superb range of habitats including woodland, saltmarsh, freshwater ponds and grazed grassland. It is full of breeding songbirds in spring, and attracts large numbers of ducks and geese in the winter. Red kites and peregrines can be seen all year.

School groups can visit whenever the reserve is open, daily from 9am to dusk. Two hour half-day sessions or full-day sessions of two, two-hour periods are available. Teachers are welcome to visit at any time of year to see the site and facilities before their class visit, to carry out risk assessment and finalise programme.

RSPB staff can also visit schools as part of their conservation and species education programmes.

SchoolsLab (Liverpool)

0151 794 3571

The SchoolsLab at the University of Liverpool is a facility offering regional schools and colleges science-based workshops in a university department. The programmes cover a range of topics (for example polymer chemistry, spectroscopy, transition elements and nanotechnology). They provide hands-on chemistry activities and talks focusing on particular aspects of science. For each session there is a capacity of 10-15 students from one school or college, and they need at least one member of science teaching staff to accompany the group. Students will benefit from doing practical work in a university setting. Teachers benefit from curriculum-linked content, and from the assistance of qualified staff that help the students with their activities.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No


Good science and maths teachers know how difficult it can be to find a good quality in-school presentation. Sometimes the science is good, but the presentation lets it down. Or the presenter is engaging, but the science is a bit thin. And with so many providers available online, it’s impossible to tell who the genuine professionals are. An in-school science or maths show supports busy teachers by offering amazing curriculum-linked shows for their students. The site features only experienced, engaging presenters offering professional levels of service. They are all willing to travel UK-wide and all come with enhanced disclosure and adequate public liability insurance. The SciEnts website allows teachers to quickly select from primary and secondary and also gives guidance for teachers about booking and making their STEM engagement day run well.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

Science Made Simple

029 20 876 884

Science Made Simple is an award winning science communication company who bring science, engineering and mathematics shows to schools across the UK, with an aim to enthuse and excite young people in both primary and secondary schools about science. Using visual demonstrations, good communication and lots of energy, Science Made Simple deliver highly interactive, curriculum linked, hour long presentations to pupils from KS1 to KS5 on subjects ranging from Bubbles and Balloons to the Electromagnetic Spectrum. NEW – a series of subsidised and free workshops for schools in the South Wales – more information here.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No.

Space Made Simple

02920 688 938

Space Made SimpleSpace Made Simple is a new initiative from Science Made Simple, an award winning science communication company, is running 20 subsidised interactive astronomy days, thanks to funding from the NSA (National Science Academy). The astronomy day comprises a 3D show in the morning to the whole school, or as many as can comfortably fit in your hall, followed by a 3D Space show to all Key stage 2 and finally a workshop all afternoon to one of your classes (max 36 year 5 class or year 6).

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No.

Sea Trust CIC

01348 874737

Sea Trust is a not for profit Community Interest Company aiming to encourage an interest in marine wildlife. It also undertakes cetacean surveys in the seas around Pembrokeshire. It runs an exhibit at its Fishguard base (open daily 10am4.30pm) including a tank of fish and crustaceans sourced from the nearby harbour. For schools it offers an an outside-the-classroom experience and session in its 'Yellow Submarine' exhibit. Secondary teachers may also be interested in working on observation projects with Sea Trust.

A small fee is charged for entry to the exhibition, which goes towards maintaining the tanks and feeding the exhibits. (Adults £2, children £1)

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes.

Sea Watch Foundation


The Sea Watch Foundation is a national charity working to conserve and protect whales, dolphins and porpoises in the seas around the UK and Ireland through scientific research and raising public awareness. The website offers information and resources about protecting the marine environment.

Primary school teachers can download educational activities from the website.

Talks and materials can be provided for secondary and post-16 pupils, too, by contacting the Sea Watch Foundation.

Teachers in West Wales may be interested in working on observation projects with the Sea Watch Foundation in New Quay, Ceredigion. Telephone for more details.

St Fagans National History Museum

029 2057 3500

St Fagan's Natural History Museum run a number of creative outdoor learning activities using the woodlands of St Fagans as a resource. These range from exploring the forest, in learning how plants and animals survive in cold weather to measuring your personal impact on our earth and how to reduce it by Re-using, Reducing and Recycling materials. For more details please contact the Museum.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes.

The Smallpeice Trust

01926 333200

The Smallpeice Trust is an independent, educational charity that promotes engineering, technology, science and mathematics as a career to young people. Their broad range of inspirational engineering programmes for students from Years 9–12, encourages the development of creativity, design, enterprise and technical skills.

These short courses take place at universities across the country. Prices are subsidised and include all accommodation, meals, course materials and social activities.

Sphere Science: lively, practical science

Sphere Science workshops allow pupils to discuss, investigate and think scientifically. In our show pupils watch, think, discuss and remember. We have run practical workshops, both primary and secondary, for 17 years supporting 10,000 teachers and 900,000 pupils in schools throughout the UK.

Workshops focus on chemistry/materials and physical properties all directly linked to the national curriculum. A school workshop day costs £435 + VAT. We also provide Inset.

Star City Experience in Russia


This amazing inspiration students trip for 14-18 to join our inspirational programme in Star City, Moscow – the headquarters of the Russian Space Programme. Students will be able to see highlights of the Russian space programme, visit Moscow’s most outstanding sights and join in the ‘Guardians of the Earth’ space and environmental forum. The ISSET programme will be led by NASA Astronaut Trainer Michelle Ham.

Welsh Presentation: No. Welsh Resources: No

STEM Cymru

The Engineering Education Scheme Wales (EESW) is a non-profit, educational charity which runs schemes across Wales to inspire and motivate young people to choose a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). EESW receives funding to run the STEM Cymru project in Convergence area of Wales from the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government and further funding from the National Science Academy to continue activities in other areas of Wales.

  • EESW (6th Form Project) – Teams of up to eight Year 12 pupils work on a real engineering problem in a local company and are linked with a professional engineer. They attend an Induction Day and three-day, practical workshop to design and build a solution which they present to a panel of assessors at an Awards and Presentation Day. There are awards for various categories and each year more and more pupils are keen to take part!
  • Headstart Cymru. A three day residential visit introducing Year 12 students to broad-based Engineering and Product Design courses offered at universities in Wales. Students take part in practical sessions as well as group based design, build and test projects. Students stay in student accommodation and join in with fun evening activities.
  • F1 in Schools. A competition for pupils in primary and secondary schools across Wales to design and manufacture a model racing car using sophisticated computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) skills. Teams are judges on the speed of the cars, displays and portfolios and compete at regional finals for the opportunity to represent Wales at the UK National and International finals.
  • i2E – Introduction to Engineering involves groups of three pupils investigating, designing and building a wind turbine to demonstrate how energy is transferred.
  • Go4SET. A civil engineering challenge for teams of around six pupils to design and create a model of a venue that meets local needs, such as a visitor centre or sports venue and must consider environmental, social and sustainability issues.
  • Girls into Engineering. One-day events organised for Year 9 girls to experience STEM at a local university, college or industrial company. Activities offer fun and exciting enrichment days to demonstrate the importance of STEM subjects prior to GCSE choices.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes

Techniquest 029 20475476

Techniquest is the hands-on science centre in Cardiff Bay, where the inquisitive mind can explore and learn without realising. At Techniquest, students have the chance to see and touch science, and make things happen for themselves. Every visiting school group sees a show or presentation in the Science Theatre or Planetarium or takes part in a workshop in the Laboratory. Techniquest also provides a range of workshops and shows which can be delivered at your school.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes.

Techniquest Glyndwr

Techniquest Glyndŵr (TQG), Wrexham, is North Wales’s largest science discovery centre. Incorporating the LEGO® Education Innovation Studio, TQG is a permanent base for people and schools can engage with science, technology, engineering and maths. It offers activities on site and in school, and the website has downloadable resources. For schools, teachers, adults and families.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes


01792 606890

Technocamps is a pan-Wales Universities Schools outreach programme based at Swansea University with hubs at Aberystwyth, Bangor, Glyndŵr and Cardiff Metropolitan Universities and the University of South Wales (Glamorgan). It was founded in 2003, and since 2011 has delivered free campus-based workshops to more than 10,000 young people from 170 Secondary Schools and 50 primary schools across West Wales and the valleys, as well as free 22-hour CPD training modules to more than 100 teachers.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes

The Thomas Telford Centre

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The Thomas Telford Centre is available throughout the year for community bookings. We can provide conference facilities and meeting rooms for all occasions. The Exhibition Centre offers schools and college groups a unique educational experience as an introduction to Engineering, Construction skills, history related pre and post the building of the Bridges. There are also opportunities for workshops in history related to the area, and ecology. We would be pleased to discuss these with teaching staff.


Andy and Jan of Timezones have been familiar faces in the primary schools of South Wales for nearly 20 years now. Our interactive science presentations receive excellent feedback from teachers, and over half a million pupils have now benefited from seeing us in action. We have three shows for infants including our very popular physics show ‘Mega Mechanics’, and for juniors we have ‘Robokids’ which covers the whole science curriculum in 1 hour. We also have ‘Time & Tides’ for KS2 which covers the Science of Cardiff Bay, as well as EYFS shows and much more….

Theatr na n’Og

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The company produce touring theatre productions for children of all ages, available to schools throughout Bridgend, Swansea and Neath & Port Talbot. The company also tours its schools productions to theatres throughout Wales and the UK and produce a four month residency project based at the Dylan Thomas Theatre in Swansea, enabling the company to create an excellent educational and high quality theatrical experience.

Think Maths

Think MAths logoThink Maths is run by a group of mathematics speakers who visit schools and run workshops and sessions for all ages and abilities. The team have been working together for several years, and consists of PhD students, former teachers and experienced maths communicators. The sessions are interactive, funny and cover mathematical content which will grab the attention of students and inspire them to get excited about maths. They aim to enthuse students of all abilities, while teaching them invaluable mathematical thinking skills. Think Maths provide a range of sessions (up to an hour) for 30-100 students on topics ranging from topology, number theory, and probability to magic and maths in popular culture. New talks and workshops are always in development, and some of the speakers offer their own sessions, based on their personal specialisms.

Turnip Starfish workshops

We run specialist award winning education workshops and have created a strong reputation in creating inclusive, vibrant and motivating environments for young people to create imaginative and innovative work. We specialise in developing young people’s aspirations, producing workshops that engage the participants in creating their own films and artwork, helping them to develop team skills, patience, persistence and technical skills. Turnip Starfish workshops are always run by an experienced and qualified teacher and industry animation or production specialist. We bring all the technology and materials needed for all our workshops and will supply industry specification technology for young people to use.

Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences (WIMCS)

Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences (WIMCS) is based at Swansea University. It provides activities around Wales for a variety of groups and ages to raise interest in maths. For schools, teachers, adults.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes

VSTEAM Education

VSTEAM Education is an award-winning STEM workshop provider in the UK. We deliver a range of workshops covering topics in maths, physics, design and technology, engineering, and biology. Additionally, we deliver school presentations focusing on STEM careers, sustainability as well as motivational talks. Our engagements are delivered by professional street-dancers, which makes them unique and entertaining for any age group.

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Welsh Joint Education Committee

The Student Innovation Awards, run by the The Welsh Joint Education Committee, encourage young people to be technologically innovative and appreciate the importance of design. At the exhibition of entries teachers and students can see some of the best GCSE, AS and A Level work. The awards days, held in Cardiff and Llandudno, include seminars for teachers and talks for students. For schools, teachers and students.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes

Welsh Mountain Zoo

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While schools visit the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay you can use the services of the Education Department at no additional charge to your visit. The schoolroom can seat a maximum of 30 and is full of interesting and educational displays, and has access to its own collection of animals which are used in the teaching sessions to bring the subjects alive! The aim of the zoo is to inspire future generations to act in a positive way to help preserve wild animals in their natural habitat.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes.

Welsh Water

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Welsh Water has four education centres located across Wales.

Visits to the centres are FREE OF CHARGE.

Alwen in North Wales

Our Environment Education centre at Alwen has a fully equipped indoor classroom. The centre is managed by a seconded key stage 2 teacher. Facilities include wildlife ponds, nature trails, and tours of the Water Treatment Works. Primary schools can visit the site to experience pond dipping, minibeast safari, plant study and classroom experiments, all linked to the National Curriculum. A unique historical display on the construction of the Alwen dam is also included in the educational programme.

Cilfynydd in the South Wales valleys

Our award winning Environment Education centre at Cilfynydd has fully equipped indoor and outdoor classrooms are managed by a seconded key stage 2 teacher. Facilities include wildlife ponds, nature trails, The River Taff studies and tours of the Waste Water Treatment Works. Primary schools can visit the site to experience pond dipping, minibeast safari, plant study and classroom experiments, all linked to the National Curriculum.

Cog Moors near Cardiff

Our Environment Education centre at Cog has a fully equipped indoor classroom managed by a seconded key stage 2 teacher. Facilities include wildlife ponds, nature trails and tours of the Waste Water Treatment Works. Primary schools can visit the site to experience pond dipping, orienteering, minibeast safari, plant study and classroom experiments, all linked to the National Curriculum in its well developed conservation area.

Elan Valley in mid Wales

In partnership with the Elan Valley Trust, the Education Ranger manages a fully equipped indoor classroom. Facilities include wildlife ponds, nature trails, and tour of dams. Schools can visit the site to experience pond dipping, minibeast safari, plant study and classroom experiments, all linked to the National Curriculum. The area is rich in animal and plant life making Elan an internationally important wildlife site.

Welsh Presentation: Yes. Welsh Resources: Yes

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust - National Wetlands Centre Wales

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The Wetland's programmes make the best of their wonderful site on the Loughor estuary and of the huge and spectacular collection of wetland birds from across the world. The educational programmes concentrate on living things in their environment; pond habitats and adaptation; biodiversity and ecosystems; food chains; conservation; environmental change; sustainable development; global citizenship and the water cycle. For more information on their programmes contact the education officer.

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XLWales delivers STEM activities to primary schools across South Wales. Our Roadshows have been delivering exciting, inspiring, hands on challenges since 1996. The aim of the Invention & Discovery Roadshow is to help children to experience the excitement of Science, Design, Technology and Maths as well as helping develop life skills in investigating, problem solving, team working, communicating, creating, thinking and a can- do approach. The Roadshow visit is a whole day activity and we usually carry out challenges with three different classes. The Invention challenges use the popular construction kit K’NEX which adds to the children’s excitement, as well as providing a sound engineering base. The Discovery challenges use a range of equipment that has been carefully selected from educational suppliers.

Young Enterprise Wales

Young Enterprise Wales programmes stimulate young people to adopt a ‘can do’ attitude and gives them the skills and experiences that make a difference to their future.

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